You can rest assured that your presents are treated with as much care as if they were going under our own tree. Santa's Workshop LLC assembles each gift with precision and passion. We have the experience to back up what we're doing. We'll make sure toys are built right. We can even replace missing or broken pieces.

Send your gift directly to us from whichever online store you purchase it from. We'll assemble and store it until Christmas Eve, when you can come pick it up wrapped or unwrapped.

Call 337-267-HOHO now to discuss your upcoming gift order.

Store items with us to preserve the surprise

Too many kids become disillusioned about Santa Claus once they find presents hiding in their parents' closets. Keep the magic alive by hiding presents with us until Christmas morning.

Instead of having items delivered here, you can drop them off. We'll assemble and store them until you come pick them up. If you don't want to wait until Christmas Eve, you can come by earlier to get your gifts.

Contact us now to find out more about storing your Christmas presents.